Diarrhea (OTC Treatment)

DIARRHEA Diarrhea = an increase in stool frequency Loose, watery stools May be acute or chronic Viruses are the cause of most acute diarrhea¬† (rotavirus vaccine cures this the majority of the time) Traveler’s diarrhea is usually bacterial in nature May also be caused by parasites, food intolerances (lactose), medications (like antibiotics) Lactose intolerance:¬† congenital … Continue reading

Acid Related Disorders (OTC Treatment)

Acid Related Disorders Peptic Ulcer Disease (PUD) Disruption of the upper GI lining (mucosa) that must be diagnosed by a physician Characterized by possible blood in vomit or stool (GI bleeding) Usually caused by bacteria Treated w/ H2 antagonists & antacids Heartburn Burning, pain in esophagus (upper GI as opposed to peptic ulcer which is … Continue reading