Considerations for Epilepsy Treatment in Pediatrics

Age Insurance Comorbidities (particularly ADHD, cerebral palsy, autism, mental retardation, migraines and being conscious of the drug-drug interactions that may be associated with the meds being used to treat those conditions) Correct diagnosis of seizure disorder (seizure type and EEG findings if applicable) Side effect profile of antiepileptic Medication administration considerations (ex. tabs vs. liquids; … Continue reading

Pediatric GI Issues (OTC Treatments)

PEDIATRIC GI ISSUES Gripe = sharp spasmodic pain in the bowel Gripe is a symptom of colic Colic = a syndrome where a healthy baby cries or screams frequently for extended periods of time for no apparent reason Usually occurs between 4 weeks to 8 months of age May repeat on a schedule (same time … Continue reading