Physiologic changes related with aging Ocular (vision):  decreased accommodation of the lens of the eye leads to the elderly being more farsighted Other vision problems:  glaucoma (especially in blacks), age-related macular degeneration, yellowing of the lens, cataracts (lens opacity) Treatment of vision problems is generally surgery Glaucoma (optic nerve damage) is the leading cause of … Continue reading

Drug Use During Pregnancy

Terms associated with pregnancy: Gravida:  # of times a woman experiences pregnancy (twins is still counted as one pregnancy) Parity:  # of a women’s pregnancies that exceed 20 weeks gestation G4P3 May also relate info about the outcome in the following order:  full term deliveries, preterm deliveries, abortions, living children G4P2113 Term:  37-42 weeks of … Continue reading

Lactating Mothers

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamic alterations during lactation Constant plasma concentrations are rare & drug levels are dependent on the half-life of the drug  (longer the half life = more likely to accumulate) Substance must be absorbed in the mother via the GI tract Only a fraction (~2%) of this dose will reach the infant Infant dose (mg) … Continue reading