Prickly Heat

Prickly Heat (aka heat rash aka miliaria)

  • No major consequences or long-term effects
  • Best treatment:  cool & dry the skin
  • Presents as fine red to reddish pin-point sized rash
  • Symptoms: may be asymptomatic or itching, burning, stinging               (easily treated)
  • Anti-itching products: antihistamines, hydrocortisone, calamine, astringents, baths/soaks (oatmeal, body washes)
  • Astringents = witch hazel & aluminum acetate (domeboro), epson salts
  • May use as either a compress/wet dressing or a soak
  • Compress: saturate cloth & apply to affected area q 15-30 minutes, use prn
  • Soak: soak affected area for 15-30 minutes for up to three times a day
  • Causes:  blockage of sweat glands causes sweat to get into nearby skin & cause inflammation
  • Treat OTC unless the patient has other health conditions

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