Diaper Dermatitis

Diaper dermatitis (diaper rash) = due to presence of a diaper or other occlusive covering of the inguinal & genital areas

  • Best treatment: keep baby clean & dry
    • May occur in any age group using diapers
    • Unlikely to be life threatening or cause permanent injury
    • Rapid onset (within a few hours);  resolution takes a couple of days
      • Red inflammation, shiny, wet-looking patches covered by the diaper   (may be asymptomatic)
      • Should continue therapy for a few days beyond resolution of the rash  (non-drug methods may continued forever)
    • Breast-fed infants have less of this
    • OTC treatment is only for uncomplicated diaper rash in the diaper area
      • Refer if:  peeling of skin, blistering, other lesions (signs of infection), swollen lymph nodes, other conditions (ex. fever), doesn’t disappear in 2-3 days of treatment
    • Skin protectant ingredients:  zinc oxide (most common), white petrolatum, cornstarch, lanolin, talc
      • Zinc oxide is a hard to remove but acts as an astringent & antiseptic
      • Petrolatum is present in almost everything & doesn’t usually cause any sort of adverse reactions
      • Lanolin is a good moisturizer & is only used in combos, but some ppl are allergic to it
      • Talc reduces skin friction
        • Found in some baby powders (frequent use of talc has been linked to increased genital cancers)
    • Baby powder is essentially either starch or talc & a bunch of other shit
      • It helps to eliminate friction, decrease chafing
    • Avoiding diaper rash:  hydrocortisone, perfume/excessive additives, boric acid

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