Long Term Care Federal Mandates

  • Effective January 1st 2013, all solid oral doses of brand name drugs (including controlled substances)must be dispensed to Part D beneficiaries residing in LTC facilities in 14-day or less increments with some  exceptions (ex. Antibiotics, inhalers).
  • Unlike Schedules III-V medications that can be returned to the pharmacy for destruction, Schedule II medications may not legally be credited back to the pharmacy from LTC settings, because the patient is not a registrant of the medication by DEA standards.
  • Pharmacists working at LTC facilities are required by federal law to provide monthly DURs (drug utilization reviews)
    • These DURs may consists of basic chart reviews of all medications received by the patients, as a quality control check on treatment efficacy and safety.
    • Pharmacy services required as part of the 2003 Medicare Modernization Act for Medicare enrollees in LTC facilities include MTM (pharmacists reviewing drug therapy for patients with complicated, chronic disease states–ex. diabetes, COPD)

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