• Can lead to unopposed muscle contraction and spasm
  • Ppl who get a wound which isn’t clean nor minor & who has had 2 doses or less should receive a TIG (which provides temporary immunity) and a Td or Tdap (to provide longer term immunity)
  • Reservoir is soil or the intestines of humans/animals
  • Transmitted via contaminated wounds or tissue injuries most commonly during the summer or wet season
  • Complications: hypertension, pulmonary embolisms, fractures, aspiration pneumonia, laryngospasms
  • Products:
    • DTaP & DT for kids up to 6 years old
    • Td for people 7 years of age or older
    • Tdap for ppl 10-64(Boostrix) or 11-64 (Adacel)

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