• Single stranded RNA
  • 3 types:
    • Influenza A
      • Affects all age groups
      • Moderate to severe illness
      • Humans & other animals affected
    • Influenza B
      • Mainly affects children
      • Milder disease
      • Affects humans only
    • Influenza C
      • Rarely reported in humans
      • No epidemics
  • Antigenic shift results in different strands of the seasonal flu virus every year
    • Shifts (H2N2 –> H3N2) result in pandemic                                drifts result in epidemics
  • Respiratory transmission of virus
  • Viral shedding (5-10 days), incubation period (1-4 days)
    • Communicable 1 day before or 5 days after the onset of symptoms
  • SE: abrupt onset of fever, myalgia, sore throat, nonproductive cough & HA
  • Complications: pneumonia, Reye Syndrome, Myocarditis, death
  • Affects the very young and old (over 65)
  • High levels of IgG are an indicator of influenza
  • Peak season is between December and march
  • Pregnant women, everyone less than 2 or greater than 50 & ppl with chronic illnesses should get inactivated form
  • Inactive vaccine cause more local reactions & maybe fever, whereas the live version is more likely cause symptoms similar to a cold

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