Pharmacoeconomics Overview

  • Pharmacoeconomics (PE) = Branch of economics that assesses the overall value of pharmaceutical products in treatment & prevention of disease.  Takes into consideration outcomes or consequences of a HC encounter requiring a pharmaceutical agent.
  • Three types of health outcomes measured in pharmacoeconomics   (all of these are done on a comparison basis, i.e. between drugs)
    • Economic-  ex. $ value of increasing productivity  (CBA)
    • Clinical-  Ex. Decrease in BP in comparing 2 drugs for the same thing   (CEA)
    • Humanistic- ex. Quality adjusted life years (QALY), comparison of side effects   (CUA)
  • Three sources for PE analysis
    • Clinical trial research
    • Metaanalysis -review existing original research
  • Retrospective database analysis- insurance companies, medicare, national center of health statistics

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