Home Care Overview

Services provided by Pharmacists in home care:

  • Home infusion therapy–parenteral nutrition (TPN), enteral nutrition (special feeding tubes), anti-infectives, chemo, biotech products
  • Hospice:  Pain control expertise (especially important because of the NTI with the terminally ill
  • Durable medical equipment (DME):  An original home care service (canes, crutches, beds, respiratory tubing, etc)

Factors that influence Home care industry

  • Reimbursement (main)
  • Pharmacist/patient want high-quality personalized care
  • Pharmacist must send clear message to lawmakers that home care is cost effective in Medicare & Medicaid

Coverage for TPN’s in federally sponsored programs is aligned such that long term infusion therapy is covered only after the patient has met Medicaid spend down

Home care is a low cost alternative to hospital care

  • Better quality of life compared to hospitals as well

Where home care pharmacist are employed:

  • Community pharmacy- solo or small group home care practice
  • Home health agency:  Team member with other health care professionals
  • Contractual arrangement: Pharmacist may contract for a single service (medical equipment)

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